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Why I Suck So Bad Part 01

When I signed up for the second round of Comic Rehab, I wanted to be a team player.

So I did some quick sketchy strips about my failings as a comic artist. Being known as the guy behind QuickDraw, these are even quicker and faster. I can do a handful in an afternoon. (Heck, you could too!)

I think people liked these more than some of the more polished and rehearsed comics. I added a little spot color with the help of the Our Books team just to make them 'pop' a bit. Future strips may just be black and white, ballpoint or even chalk. Whatever and wherever I can do it.

Getting your flaws, apprehensions and worries articulated helps to get them out of your system. Don’t worry, I’m not on a downward spiral. Human frailty is one of the great sources of humor. And if I don’t suck too bad, maybe these will garner a laugh.

As an ongoing series, I’m also maintaining a link list at

Here it is in CBR, CBZ, EPUB and PDF format. Enjoy!

(Oh, and I promise the NEXT download will avoid the cliché of involuted cartoonist over-analysis. Right now it's just fun to collect it all in one package.)