I've always had video, music, bloggery and other media accompany QuickDraw.
If Time-Warner can do a multimedia push, so can James Kochalka and other independent artists.

This coming year I'll be revisiting the 'QuickDraw Soundtrack', developing and refining old and new sounds, possibly making some videos.

This tune was done on an analog tape, and ripped to MP3. It was one of three songs Aaron O'Donnell contributed, and by far the most trippy. It's very much an Aaron tune; naturally he both explores the concept and seems to be taking the piss at the same time.

Here's what I've got for lyrics, keener ears are welcome to chime in.


Intro: Out [unclear] there draws a man who's very bad

[Verse Unclear]

Explode, Tremble [unclear] piercing in
[Unclear] through the pen

Thoughts and words, QuickDrawn, plainly look away
Thoughts and words and ideas shape the man today
Today, Today
Today, Today
Today, Today

Stations and direct affection
all good pencils will shape the form
too much want for time to think
makes for nothing quite QuickDrawn
A golden pencil, indiscretion, honest and hardworking line
Save a whole world and mention
Trees become this
Trees become this
Trees become this
Trees become this
Trees become this

Maybe it's due a remix, or a cover version. Hmm...