With Cliodhna Ztoicial. (She's speaking Irish, I'm speaking Khmer at the beginning.)

Here in Cambodia - land it can be a challenge to get updates on global comics. So it was great to get news as well as talk theory & practice with a traveling comic artist.

Cliodhna is a creator, animator, anthologist and enthusiast who puts my efforts to shame. Was great to have a chance to show her around a new comical environment. (In this case, the comics wholesalers at O'Russey Market in Phnom Penh.)

You can see her work online at Ztoical.com, track her journey via her blog, and stay tuned for a brief exhibition of her Cambodia sketches at Rik Reay Gallery / Noodle Shop in August!

FYI: QuickDraw Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/QuickDrawComics (Because actual web sites are so, like, old school.)