That's right, Weeksy's back!

One of my frequented Siem Reap hangouts, the now sadly departed original 'Cheese Sandwich' restaurant, did not know much about their signature dish, but could scrape together a decent plate of chicken rice on order. This would, however, cause me to be exposed to MTV Asia. But I've dealt with stranger things over my breakfast.

The sheer conceit of manufactured bands doesn't surpass that of hip-hoppers but comes mighty close. Case in point: 'Backstreet's Back'. I was bemused by the presumption that the Backstreet Boys could somehow leave a gaping hole in my cultural identity. :) They were barely a blip on my radar.

If prefabricated boy bands can do it, why shouldn't cartoonists cop some attitude? We're far more obscure, have a better claim at being underground/alternative, and are frequently more explicit. ↓ Read the rest of this entry...