A Classic American saying. (And I'm going to be very literal here for our Cambodian readers.)

I seem to be getting more of my favorite cultural tidbits for free, these days. Try something new!

Free Music:
Go Home Productions

Free Comics:
http://www.visionmachine.net (Greg Pak)
Freakangels (Warren Ellis)

Free Books:
Charles Stross,
'Machine of Death' anthology,
Cory Doctorow.

And that's not even getting into Torrents. Or the Archive. Or the growing Open Movement. :)

When culture is digital, it seems infinitely replicable and distributable. Artists benefit by cutting out the middleman, lowering the price and selling direct to customers. But will raising access and lowering prices result in a 'race to the bottom'?

The interweb has yet to generate food from 3D printers. And many of us forget that ultimately, most of the internet is running on fossil fuel. Every album you download? Sending up fumes. Forget the record companies, worry about your carbon footprint!


Of late my comics have been getting shorter and my accompanying text getting longer. I make no apologies; you get what you pay for.