2011 was a fun year, learning about what I can accomplish with my limited skills, time and tools. I've really enjoyed having a daily presence.

365 comics? Holy cow, I could have done a graphic novel in that time. I suppose we do have the saga of 'Apple and Pear' as well as 'Warren and Me', amongst others. You can see them all in the archive, or download the compilations. (Some more 'greatest hits' on the way!)

Some big projects in other areas of my life demanded not just time but focus, so over the course of the year the comics became smaller and more diary-like. Is that a good thing? It certainly was what I needed at the time. I'm not here to pander to an audience, I'm here to pander to my own personal tastes - to write the kinds of comics I want to read. At times, it became more the comics I needed to write rather than wanted to see.

A year later I have a firmer grasp of art tools and how to address deadlines (not that you'd notice). Often I would be hurrying to find the nearest scanner to upload just before the day was over. Getting much better at that. Sometimes, it's smarter not to do a comic than to write a lame one.

As a 'Quick Drawer', I'd have to say if the deadline takes priority over the content, it's a loss overall.
If you are directing all in your power to using your limited time and skills? Rock on.

I'd like to thank my friends and family for being so supportive with my little project. (Oh, and if anyone wants to offer me a residency or fellowship? I ain't saying no.) Big kudos to our guest stars, who pitched in when I was traveling.

I'm going to ponder a few more things that have emerged from the prior year. Interests in continuing characters, documentary comics, more stories in Khmer, more varied stylings, more audience interaction. For each and every one who's commented and cheered me on, thanks for the ride.
There's more to come, at a less frenetic pace.