Yay feedback! Artists thrive on this as do plants on the mighty glow of the sun.
(I actually had to look this one up.

Back story: I spent some time in 'Comic Rehab', drawing a meager four panels a day. I garnered some good results out of it. The second time I joined a session, I emailed some strips ahead of time, in case I couldn't make the deadline. They were hastily done, coalescing all my anxieties. They were received quite well, as you can see in this example.

The main point was to articulate my poor behavior in drawing, in planning, in taking action - so I'd have no excuse left to sit down and draw. It worked pretty well. Soon after followed 2011's year of daily comics. I'm slowly, but surely, starting to run out of excuses as I fill up pages.

I'm not sure my style has improved much at all.
But I'm quite happy at each discrete thought I manage to put to paper. Critics? They can just DEAL with it.

Oh, the moral to the story?
Maybe you're not as lame as you think you are.
OR: So what if you're lame. Your opinions and thoughts matter too - even if they're not beautifully executed.

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