It's funny, but the harder I work (even at boring things), I seem to have a corresponding boost in creativity.

The ideas were:
1. Idea for a funny science fiction novel
2. Streaming Mailing list as RSS Feed to avoid email overload.
3. Comic on domestic violence.
4. Video for family update
5. More copies of 'Weeksito' puppet
6. Blog post reminiscing on 'Geek O' Clock' meetings
7. Blog post on famous web sites I've worked on
8. Distribution strategy for Mekong ICT 2013 posters
9. Ideas for articles for Khmer Connection web site
10. Topic for presentation at BarCamp Phnom Penh
11. Exhibition idea for Rik Reay Gallery
12. Idea for volunteer position at Our Books
13. Topic for presentation at BarCamp Kompong Cham
14. 'Catch up' reminders for email correspondence
15. Ideas for visiting international cartoonist (August)

We'll see what I can actually find the time for.