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(ComicsPress does not allow for technical trickery in its standard posting format, so it's webbed up today on my supplemental blog. (Main page is - as always - at to follow. ( Thanks to Vanleab of for WordPress wizardry!)

I don't read gobs of webcomics, but getting into a *daily* groove is leading me to more tasty treats! Expect more reviews to come, these are too good NOT to share.

Dinosaur Comics (Ryan North)

XKCD (Randall Munroe)

Slow Wave (Jesse Reklaw)

Dresden Codak (Aaron Diaz)

Geeen Comix (Ben Hutchings)

Kinokofry (Rebecca Clements)

Hark!A Vagrant (Kate Beaton)

Hicksville Comics (Dylan Horrocks)

Anders Loves Maria (Renee Engstrom)