I'd thought drawing a daily comic would be an onerous task.
But I'm really getting addicted to having my own little soapbox! No shortage of ideas either!
It's quickly moving to the fore of my daily priorities.
Am a little surprised how I am readily willing to shuffle work and play, dropping everything to get the comic up and out.

Can happiness come so easily? Ain't it just too good to be true? (That's just how I think.)
This was drawn at Delhi airport in the late evening. A little boy sitting nearby with his family kept running over to see what was taking shape. Color was added a few days later in Phnom Penh. I'm hoping to collect some of my Indian adventures but I must caution they will be just as sketchy as the Cambodian stories you've seen so far!


Arranging this for Phnom Penh tomorrow. Click on picture for more info:

Salon des Refusés