So much green goodness. Today's TwitterHulks brought to you by

Science Fiction Reader Hulk @sfReaderHULK,
PostColonialist Hulk @PstCInIstHULK,
Jesus Hulk @JesusHULK,
Stoner Hulk@StonerHULK,
Hulk Sober @HULKsober,
Philly Hulk @PhillyHULK,
Presbyterian Hulk @PresbyHULK,
Literary Criticism Hulk @LitCritHULK,
& Hindu Hulk @HinduHULK.

Thanks to readers Lindsay and Peter for the linkage!
BTW Last week I mixed up @anarchoHULK (more active) and @anarchistHULK (more offline). Sorry guys! Please don't smash!

(Hulk is owned by Marvel Comics, who I am quite sure will take this in the good humor it is intended.)