No one does a web comic by themselves, when you get down to it. (Well, Jesse Reklaw comes close.) People need art tips, advice, programming assistance, inspiration.

I'm lucky enough to have my day job be working at a design studio. In order of appearance, we have Phally and Klo from Our Books Illustration and Design, followed by Vaneab and Huyeng from House32 Web Design.
I have worked with a diversity of colorists- Phally is the most recent but in the past I've indebted to the tireless efforts (and patience) of Sao Channa, Try Samphos, and Prom Vorleak.

I jumped into this strip in January with a daily pace. That didn't give me a lot of time to really set the scene for newcomers - that I live and work in Cambodia, how I ended up here; and that this is a comic for a global audience. I also want to make a point to say 'thanks' to everyone who has gotten me to where I am today.