Above: breathing a sigh of relief as I round the corner on tomorrow's offering.

Friday is usually NOT the best day for a launch. And we have a major local holiday on the way. Whatever. It's time to share these efforts: throw them at the wall and see if they stick.


Cambodian readers: Google and read 'Peanuts', the newspaper comic is a modern classic. Ignore the merchandising.  Fans might enjoy this modern spin on a classic: http://3eanuts.tumblr.com

In other news: Funtime Comics in New Zealand has published 'Darkest Day' - an earthquake relief fundraising anthology, including 'Maps' by yours truly. I'm honored to be included with the excellent and innovative creators they've recruited. More from
Dylan Horrocks: http://hicksvillecomics.com/?p=1130
Funtime: http://funtime.comics.org.nz