'Autobiography' John Allison said. "Get over it," in an enjoyable little manifesto. I'm a hobbyist, not a professional webtoonist. Point taken though: it's good to explore new frontiers.

So: if I were to do more fiction, what stories, what characters would I want to see?

It took me a week to assemble them. Referencing and drawing kept me busy longer than I'd thought.

Thanks to: Kim Phally, Moeu Diyadaravuth, Vanessa Boots, Sasha Constable, Dana of Java Arts, Sovanna Phum, the Our Books team, & especially my family.

Now it's your turn: What characters would you like to see more of ? Please make your suggestions in the comments below. (The first cogent Cambodian commenter will get a framed QuickDraw print of their choice.) Click HERE for larger sizes.

If the comment form gives you too much trouble, hit me via John@Jweeks.Net.